Vicinay Mooring Connectors, our company, is a subsidiary of Vicinay Marine Group. A world leader in design, innovation and production of connectors and joints for the wind, Oil & Gas and fish farming industry, engineering services and product development.

Our business model is based on the management of the design activity, development, manufacture and supply of products and services competitively, sustainably and responsibly; and all this is thanks to leadership in innovation. The proven ability to market adaptation, as well as our commitment and teams qualification, allow us to move forward in knowledge and response together with clients, critical suppliers and technological allies to achieve the objectives.


Vicinay Mooring Connectors focuses its business plan:

  • On the conception, design, manufacture and delivery of its forged products and services with High Added Value, tailored to each client and oriented principally towards the offshore industry.
  • By developing its business in a sustainable, innovative, safe way.
    By basing it, without discrimination, on the technical and interpersonal skills of our staff.
  • In collaboration with groups of Allies, Shareholders, Clients, Suppliers,
  • Knowledge Centres and other specific Stakeholders.
  • And on projecting itself from Bilbao, Biscay to the rest of the World.


Vicinay Mooring Connectors builds its future:

  • By focusing on markets demanding products with high added value and ensuring the sustainability of our planet.
  • With the motivation that our Organisation is recognised as an international Benchmark for its Quality, technical solutions, reliability and industrial relations.
  • With a gender-balanced staff base, we can anticipate the needs of our clients and adapt and manage change to meet our business objectives.
  • By making our company a place for encounter and growth for our staff, clients and stakeholders.



Treating people with consideration and understanding, always bearing in mind their professional and personal values.


The personal and collective rights and responsibility to work without harming others, equipment or the Environment.


In technology, human resources and results, allowing us to reach a leading position in our sector.


Avoiding differences, regardless of motivations of any kind by establishing gender equality as a strategic principle in every sphere of our organisation’s activity.


Economic, Environmental and Social. Our organisation meets the needs of today’s generations without compromising the needs of tomorrow’s generations.


A personal commitment to applying inter-personal skills to doing things differently and to valuing clients, individuals and the Organisation, accepting the risk of failure.


Feeling part of the Company Business Plan, working as a team and sharing successes, failures, emotions and talent.


The motivation to and effort of constantly keeping our Knowledge up to date and applying it to our Business Plan.


Being part of and working alongside Vicinay Mooring Connectors provides satisfaction for everyone involved in our business plan.


Working to share correct information with our stakeholders and prioritising safety, quality and price, in that order.


Active and sustained pledge to the Organisation, the Society we are part of, reflected in our stakeholders, and the planet which shelters us.

Sustainable and Safe Innovation in Mooring Connectors

Our environmental commitment implies the development of our activity in a responsible and sustainable way, respectful with the ecosystem, foreseeing and minimizing impacts; carrying out an efficient management of resources and seeking to reduce the waste produced.

This involvement is expected from all people who design, supply, manufacture and provide those products and services.


ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

ISO 50001

Tailored connecting Solutions

Linking the world