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Type D Shackles
LLLC Installation Link and Kenter
Offshore Shackles
Tailor Made Plates and Connectors

Type D Shackles

Offshore Anchor Shackle D type

fig 108 LTM

Offshore End Joining Shackle D type

fig 109 LTM

Offshore Special Joining Shackle D type

fig 107 H LTM

Offshore Joining Shackle D type

fig 107 LTM

LLLC® Installation Link

LLLC Connecting Link

fig 713


  R5 R4S R4
Proof Load 0,0223 * Y 0,0213 * Y 0,0192 * Y
Breaking Load 0,03186 * Y 0,0304 * Y 0,0274 * Y


  • LLLC® Installation Link.
  • Easy connectability.
  • Same geometry as coomon link.
  • Manufacture in R5, R4S and R4.
  • Manufactured mooring line installation.

Y = D² (44-0,08D)
D = d * 0,6
d = nominal diameter of the LLLC


Kenter Shackle

fig 105/1

Slim Kenter Shackle

fig 105/2

H Offshore Shackle for Common Links

fig 713
Offshore Shackles

This robust component is extremely flexible. Not only can be used as an almost universal connector, it can be used to adjust lengths during installation.

It will connect:

  • to Common Links of the same or different diameters.
  • to Piles.
  • to Closed or Open Wire Rope Sockets.
  • to Polyester Rope Thimbles.

It can also be used as a Subsea Connector and can be designed with a strong lifting point for installation and recovery.



Tailor Made Plates and Connectors

Vicinay Mooring Connectors has the capability of supplying any type of plate for use offshore and any connnector designed to our customer´requirements. Below are shown some examples:

Offshore Connector

ROV shackle + KIT

Y shackle

Special offshore connector

Spool shackle

Triplate - l

Guide frame Plate

Round plate

Union plate



Special offshore + triplate

Triplate II


D type shackle + KIT


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